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About Us

Healing Wheel is a growing community of souls who are on a path of spiritual discovery and enlightenment. Though we are large in number we’re small in number of differences. We at Healing Wheel strive to facilitate our connection by sharing the stories, art, music and other media of our extended world family.

Mark Alvin founded Healing Wheel in 2006. He is an artist, musician, writer, and entrepreneur, as well as a seeker of higher truth and wisdom. Along with Jay Ruple, they launched the first Healing Wheel site on July 4, 2006. Sadly, Jay passed away on March 24, 2008. We want to thank Jay for making the first version of Healingwheel possible as we remember his impeccable production knowledge, his tireless attention to detail, his rowdy good humor and most of all his loyal friendship. His spirit is with us as we continue our journey, but his presence is sorely missed.

Healing Wheel started with a vision for bringing a positive, nurturing, healing experience to the medium of the web as a counterpoint to the rampant low-energy content that is prevalent, especially in the areas of news and commentary. We are committed to the notion that great goodness exists all around us in the beauty of nature and in all people as hope, faith and the capacity to love and forgive.

In 2009 the next turning of the Wheel began, and the new Healing Wheel site was built with a greater emphasis on community. We are reaching out to creative spirits over land and sea and giving voice to their visions of a richer and more loving life experience. Thus, the new Wheel is not a completed work, but one that grows with contributions from old and new friends.

We thank you and appreciate your time spent at Healing Wheel. We hope you will make your own contribution, to be another spoke of the Wheel. The motionless center is common to us all.