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A Lesson in Gratitude, part 1 of 2 by Daniel A. Brown

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

As Thanksgiving approaches, this tale helps me to remember gratitude. Gratitude is a doorway through which the blessings of The Universal Friend flow into our lives.

As kids growing up in 1950’s America, our family observed the standard Thanksgiving ritual of going around the table and declaring what we had to be thankful for. Being raised in privilege, my sister and I took everything for granted and couldn’t really think of anything truly humbling. So instead, we mumbled some cliché we probably heard on television and waited for the turkey to be carved. Back then we knew that other children were starving in China and India but had no idea that they were equally hungry right up the street in Harlem and down the road in Appalachia.

The concept of gratitude never sank in until later in life and in a rather unusual manner. During my stint with the Renaissance Community, I was part of a commercial painting crew that remodeled the S. S. Kresge and J. J. Newberry five-and-dimes that inhabited small-town America before they were destroyed by Wal-Mart. While the work was mundane, the method was anything but. We would arrive Saturday afternoon just as the store closed, unroll huge sheets of plastic to cover the long aisle-length counters, set up the spray gun and work non-stop until opening time on Monday morning, a period of 40 straight hours without sleep, fueled by a healthy diet of cigarettes, coffee and Brach’s Kandy Korns.

It’s the kind of crazy adventure you cherish in your youth and subsequently bore your grandchildren with. And it’s one of the verities of youth is that you can accomplish anything if the music is loud enough. On that Monday morning, however, we found ourselves too understandably exhausted to drive all the way back to Turners Falls so we tried to find a motel to collapse in. But Lake George on a long July 4th holiday weekend offered no such advantage so we did the only thing smart painting contractors could do. We went to the nearest Benjamin Moore paint store and asked the lady behind the counter if she knew a place where we could crash. She responded that we could stay overnight with her and her family which surprised us completely. Here we were, a gang of tired, shaggy hippies, aromatic with sweat and Thin-X, being welcomed into the home of a solid American citizen. But our weariness outweighed our wariness so off we went to her tidy ranch house just outside of town. Upon meeting her husband and kids, part of the mystery of her kindness was explained. Her husband was wheelchair bound; suffering from a degenerative disease that he knew would eventually kill him. Since his infirmity, most of his friends had deserted him, a shock which had taught him the finer points of generosity. Thus, we were graciously invited into his home.

©2008 Daniel A. Brown

Dan Brown’s latest paintings

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Again Dan takes us into the beautiful astral realms and treats us to his sublime visions and breath taking colors. My favorite is “Monument Valley Moon”.

HaArvest Moon
Harvest Moon

West Wind
West Wind

Pagoda of Peace
Pagoda of Peace

Monument Valley Moon
Monument Valley Moon

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Four works – Tova Gabriel

Friday, November 6th, 2009

Tova Gabriel

Tova Gabriel 2

Tova Gabriel 3

Tova Gabriel 4

Tova Gabriel, fine artist and writer speaks about her art:

Tova portrait copy“I try not impose my preconceptions, but coax them forth from The Creative Source. The paintings tell me a story as I paint them. ie, ‘This is me surviving a crisis, but oh look!  Not only are rocks falling, but birds are appearing!’

“I am not beyond begging Van Gough to help me with a sky. Painting is much like dreaming and sometimes the dreams get weird and the paintings have to go away for a while, but once I am fully immersed in the process,  I am free of my suffering.

“Sometimes I begin with a tissue paper collage, or a painted collage, and then look until i see something concrete to work into.  Some come from photos I take, some from real life.  My process starts with not knowing and often includes going through a tunnel of darkness towards a mere pinpoint of inspiration. It is enormously challenging as well as rewarding.  Painting does not come easily to me.”

Abundance- Gwen Toma

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Abundance- Gwen Toma

Gwen TomaThis pastel by long time friend and artist Gwen Toma is titled “abundance”. It reminds us that Nature is ever ready to supply us with our needs. It is we that must still ourselves and listen to the cues that she is ever giving. I love the sunflowers!

Lilac Valley -Dan Brown

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

This painting was inspired by a dream that Dan had in which he saw a valley filled with lilacs. We love the distance and the sense of space in this painting.

Lilac Valley

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La Canada Road -Dan Brown

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

This painting is reminiscent of a joyful evening in the blissful astral realm. There is always the unseen presence of something etherial and divine in Dan’s work. This is a favorite!

La Canada Road

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Dusk -Dan Brown

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

We have known Dan Brown for over 40 years and admire his ability to put into words and through paint  that which is most difficult to express. Here we are treated to a pastoral landscape that would be the perfect illustration to Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony.


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A Northern View -Dan Brown

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Daniel A. Brown has a unique way of seeing nature. He presents this serene and verdant landscape with its single tree in a way that floods the canvass with light and well-being, suggesting tranquility and universal harmony.

A Northern View

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