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By the Light of the Moon – Cathy Drew

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

And in the end when the man looked up at the moon,
tears of joy rolling down his cheeks, taking his last few breaths –
he remembered what, for a short time, he had forgotten –
life and love and freedom can never be taken away
because they are not possessions,
they are the essence of who we are and we are eternal.

Burnished Fall second collection by Cathy Drew

Friday, January 1st, 2010

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Close Encounters of the Awareness Kind – Cathy Drew

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Have you ever had one of those close encounters with life that opens you up to a new awareness of possibility – one that arrives softly but then sends out breathtaking waves of insights and questions that you know will somehow significantly influence your past and future?  Meeting John was like this.

I had arrived a little before first light dissolves the stars, the whole beach to myself – or so I thought.  With a cadence in harmony with the gently rolling waves, I walk along the waters edge toward where the sun would soon rise.  As my eyes adjusted to the ambient light I notice that in the mist blanketing the beach someone was walking toward me.  Most mornings I would simply look into the faces of those passing by, warmly smile and continue on in silence.  But this persons distinct sense-of-grace and lightness-of-being were fascinating.  “May I walk with you awhile”, I ask when he is close enough.  “Yes, of course”, he says with a big inviting smile, his unruly snow-white hair blowing across eyes the color of the sky on a crisp fall day.

For a few minutes we talked about our love of early mornings, the ocean and life in general.  Then he stopped, looked at me and asked, “Why did you want to walk with me?”  I barely heard the question.  He had turned so the cresting sun lit up his eyes.  They weren’t just brilliant blue, they felt endless and somehow different.  “You have very unusual eyes”, I said.  He casually replied, “Yes, they don’t see”.  “What do you mean?” I said with the sound of shock quivering in my voice.  “I mean, I am blind”, he said.  A waterfall of questions tumbled out of me.  “But how can you walk the beach without a cane or friend or seeing-eye-dog; did you ever have sight; do you miss seeing…?”

John’s laugh was as unrestrained as my questions.  Still looking at me with his unseeing eyes, he reached for my hand and knew right where it was.  “Cathy, every day I bless the moment I lost my sight.  Yes, at first I was scared and angry, but now, when I walk the beach my feet can feel the subtle differences in the earths skin as if I were stroking my lover.  My ears hear the ocean as a constantly changing symphony of a 1,000 instruments playing in perfect harmony.  I can taste the nuances of the sky and smell the rich fragrances of life making love with itself.  With mischief in his eyes and laugh he says, “I could sense a lovely lady walking toward me before her eyes could see me!

Shifting to a calm, deeper voice he continued, “Everyone has their blindness.  I have mine.  You have yours.  It isn’t your enemy.  It isn’t a curse.  You are not lacking.  It is your friend, blessing you with the perfect circumstances to become all that you feel called to become.”

Remaining hand-in-hand, we fell into silence for a time.  Me, deeply moved by the grace I felt in this wisdom and the penetrating intimacy of his presence.  John, savoring every little detail of these perfectly orchestrated moments, before leaving to continue his solitary walk.

Cathy Drew
SoulEssence Art

Burnished Fall – Cathy Drew

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Burnished Fall, a serene look through the lens of Cathy Drew.

Burnished Fall

Burnished Fall

Burnished Fall

Burnished Fall

Burnished Fall

Cathy Drew- Photography

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Cathy and I were talking the other day about something that happens during the creation of art. It is possible to get close to the point where the artist, the artwork and the process of creation all become one. These photos are breathtaking and illustrate the power that comes when we attempt that connection. Simple, beautiful, excellent. Cathy, you have raised the bar for all of us once again!

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Thank You

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

by Cathy Drew

You, who scatters diamonds of light
to sparkle on ocean and lake,
dew drop and tear

who gives birth to grain of sand and galaxy,
hummingbird and child

to you, who melts stone to make mountains
and wears them smooth with wind and water

who beats my heart and breathes my body,
who fleshes out my bones and blushes my cheeks

to you, who is All That Is,
who weaves the web of life
and masterfully choreographs it’s movement –
thank you.

Cathy Drew

Cathy Drew is an extraordinary woman who lives a life that has uplifted, guided and encouraged innumerable spiritual seekers. She is a teacher of deep wisdom, an artist, poet, photographer and philosopher of astonishing insight. Spending many hours of each day in a form of walking meditation, she takes photographs that reveal a secret and beautiful side of nature that few of us ever take the time to really see. She is also able to voice the deepest part of her soul in a form of guidance that her friends have come to trust and that has led her on incredible and enlightening adventures all over the world. To see more of Cathy’s work, visit her website at