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Sunday, February 27th, 2011

Immersing myself in nature in a part of my spiritual journey. I love to spend time outdoors. I feel very peaceful outside. Lately, I have enjoyed hiking in Western Massachusetts. I also enjoy to bike ride, which is a great way to be in nature.

I love the changes of the seasons and watching how everything transforms. I love to keep my camera near me, to capture the beauty I see. I see beauty all around. Beauty in nature is something that a lot of people can just take for granted. Beauty for one person may be completely different from what somebody else might find as beautiful. Whenever I am in a place I feel is beautiful, my heart sings, and I feel joy.

Another part of my spiritual journey is music. There is something so releasing and meditative about singing. I have been involved with kirtan, which is hindu devotional singing. The music resonates in the room and in me. Music is supposed to be very healing on the mind and body.

I am also in a band, and one of the singers. The lyrics we sing have so much meaning to ourselves, and the rest of humanity. The lyrics are what connect ourselves to humanity. It teaches us to have compassion for all.

Dancing is another part of my spiritual journey. Dance is a way of expressing yourself, without words. I feel that the body can express much more than words sometimes. Dance is about connecting with yourself, and your emotions. Dance is also about connecting with others.

Emily J.

1.) This picture was taken on the top of Sugarloaf Mountain, in Deerfield, MA. The light filtering through the clouds is what creates so much interest.

2.) I am fascinated by sunsets. The warm colors which are created are so beautiful. I feel as if I am in the right spot, at the right time when I view a sunset.

6.) This picture symbolizes how desires we have may be beyond our grasp. But the basic truth is that we already have everything that we need. We already have beauty and wisdom within ourselves.

10.) The water in this pond can represent the mind after meditation. It is very clear and calm. The sky and the trees are reflected into the water.