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Raven’s Flight – Cathy Drew

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Unimpeded by previous concerns, the heart of gold that resides in
each of you now steps forward into the world like never before.
Give wing to your love and to what you love.
Relax into the currents of change
that carry you to the shores of your deeper dreams and desires.

You have prepared the soil well, planted many good seeds.
The ones that have taken root, some below conscious awareness,
now break through the earth and are visible in the world
for your joy and the joy of many others.

Do not take yourself or life too seriously.
This is a time when grace, elegance and joy is giving birth to itself
through each of you – expressed uniquely and deliciously.
Go forth, take wing – no longer tethered by doubt or fear or worry.
The last dustings of these energies will naturally fall away in the flight.