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Sunset Cove – Joyce Rothman

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

The calm is what strikes me after sitting here for a minute.  The only disruption is the constant noise from a cricket hiding somewhere to my right and the occasional squawking from a gull on the beach below this grassy knoll.  The water is calm except for the gentle current of the Agawam River as it meets the Bay.   The beach is free of waves as the tide slowly recedes.  Several gulls are combing the sands for a snack, only to cry with disappointment at their fruitless search.  The sky is clear with elongated light gray clouds that lay low above the trees across the cove.  A big black crow caws in the tree next to me and dog barks in answer from the confines of his house.  A gentle breeze stirs the small American flag secured to a boat moored in front of me.

I notice small channels of shallow water in the sand, left there by the shrinking tide.  So much activity, yet total peace pervades.  Familiar sounds lend ambience; sounds I often miss or dismiss in my busyness. A young boy on the beach contribute to the scene; first banging a rock on a concrete drain pipe peaking out from the sand, then in boredom; throwing the rock into the water.  A few brave gulls now stand in the water – so still – like hesitant waders, treading slowly into the cold.

My lunch time is over now but I’ll bring the peace of this time back to work with me for a good measure of serenity to the rest of my day.